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“Wow Tasty supported us to explore further local customers by introducing us online, and providing reliable food delivery service.”
- Bae at DaeJi Cutlet House
Boost your sales with
Wow Tasty.
How It Works
Looking to increase sales revenue? Wow Tasty made it Simple as Three Steps!
1. Get Online Presence
Expose your menu to Thousands of Wow Tasty users. We made it easy for Wow users to place online orders using computer and mobile devices.
2. Comfirm Your Orders
Receive your orders via “Wow Tasty Tablet POS”. Confirm orders with a single finger tap. Prepare your food to be picked-up by our delivery staff just on time!
3. Get Paid
Receive semi-monthly direct deposit for all orders completed.
What do we provide to our Partner Restaurants?
Following exclusive benefits await as you join Wow Tasty restaurant network!
Experience our full-service!
In-House Delivery Service
Wow Tasty will provide our own professional delivery staffs for you. Our unique logistics technology and delivery application will make sure your food is delivered on time, preserving the best quality.
Free Online Presence
As you join us, we create your Wow Tasty web-menu page. The page includes your menu, food images, business hours, location, reviews, and other details about your restaurant.
Restaurant Admin Web Page
Manage your own Wow Tasty Web Page! We created an administrative panel for you to easily keep track of your sales, edit information, collect customer preferences data, and communicate with customers.
Wow Tasty Tablet POS
We provide a “7-Inches Tablet POS” for you to easily receive and confirm your orders. It allows you to keep track of previous orders, and directly communicate with our delivery staffs.
Marketing Services
Wow Tasty promotes your restaurant through active social network services, promotional emails, and published booklets.
Local Business Experts
Our primary focus is enhancing local services. We will always try our best to respond to your requests within 3 – 5 business days.
Why Us?
Wow Tasty has made its partner restaurants boost their sales by reaching out to broader level of customers through convenient online ordering and in-house delivery service.
Wow Tasty users can be your loyal customers!
Here are the facts on Wow Tasty:
20,000 cumulative users
89% of returning users
20% annual increase in number of users
Wow Tasty’s restaurant partner network is growing fast!
You can communicate with Wow Tasty users!
Wow Tasty helps the restaurants get connected with their customers through reviews and feedbacks.
Here are the latest updates on Wow Tasty
Service Area Expansion!
Wow Tasty delivery service has expanded the area from downtown Vancouver to metro Vancouver, including Kitslano, Marpole, Olympic Village and UBC.
We will soon expand to other major cities in British Columbia, including Burnaby, Richmond, North Vancouver, Coquitlam and Surrey.
Mobile App Development
In addition to our existing mobile website, we are currently developing our Mobile Ordering App that will be in place soon.
Group Ordering System
To ease the ordering process for corporate clients, we will soon be introducing Group Ordering System, where each person adds his/her order into one corporate cart before placing the order.
Wow Tasty Booklet
The first edition of Wow Tasty booklet was published in summer 2014 and 15,000 copies were distributed to offices and households in Vancouver area. The next edition is currently in process.
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Latest News
  • Friend Stamp & Meal Stamp user reward systems are launched | Dec. 01. 2014
  • Update Restaurant’s home page | Oct. 24. 2014
  • Add recommended restaurant function | Oct. 24. 2014
  • SMS notification When orders are declined | Oct. 24. 2014
  • Release Wow Tasty table POS 2.0 ver | Oct. 05. 2014
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