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Select delivery or take-out and search restaurants by entering your address or postal code.

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Select the restaurant and choose the menu. You can order from multiple restaurants.

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We accept credit card, debit card or cash. You can redeem your discount coupon by collecting stamps.

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Enjoy your meal!
You can check your meal stamps on My Page.


Member Benefits

  • Easy Ordering

    Your information will be saved in the database to ease the ordering process.
    You also have access to your order history.

  • Meal Stamps

    You receive a Meal Stamp every time you place an order for over $10.
    When you accumulate 10 meal stamps, you receive $6 Discount Coupon.

  • Friend Stamps

    You receive a Friend Stamp every time you share Wow Tasty with your friend.
    When you accumulate 10 friend stamps, you receive $6 Discount Coupon.

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